4 Things to Look for in a Staffing Agency

Temporary staffing is one of the most significant investments a company can make. However, company owners should look for certain things when evaluating staffing companies. Below are five factors to look for when selecting a temp agency.

Experience in the Industry

While a particular agency may be reliable, it may not be the right fit for the company because of a lack of industry experience. If the staffing agency does not have the right experience, they may have difficulty providing the company with temp workers who have the skills necessary to fulfill employment needs. If the agency has experience within the industry, they can offer insights in the following areas:

  • Availability of job candidates
  • Standard wages for industry positions
  • Trends within the industry
  • Cross-promotional opportunities

The intelligence provided by a temp agency can provide company owners with an edge that helps them stand out from the competition.

An Understanding of the Business’ Needs

Every company’s culture is unique, and temporary staffing agencies should be aware of these differences. Open communication is critical in ensuring the right selection, and company owners should choose an agency that understands their needs and asks the right questions. If the agency falls short in any of these areas, they may not be the right choice.

Compliance With the Law

If a company selects a Staffing agency that takes illegal shortcuts, it may be left exposed to significant risks. Staffing agencies should follow these requirements:

  • Observance of insurance board and workplace safety requirements
  • Observance of all labor requirements, such as ensuring that temps are legally allowed to work in the US
  • Ensuring that temps get paid minimum wage or more

A warning sign to look for is a low billing rate. High fines and other legal consequences can quickly erode the short-term savings of choosing an unethical agency.

Quality Vs. Quantity

A temporary staffing agency can have a large worker pool, but not all workers have the requisite skills for a particular industry. The agency a company selects should take steps to weed out unqualified workers, to ensure that the supplied staff meets the company’s needs.