Monthly Archives: December 2016

Trying to Be More Self-Reliant when It Comes to Energy, Heating and Cooling

If I had it my way, our house would go off the grid as far as energy needs are concerned. I remember thinking about geothermal heating and cooling with solar panels for electricity generation. There are these fancy battery banks to store energy you get from the sun. When I looked into the costs, I would need a much bigger income than we produce now. So, the dream is big and maybe even noble. However, the realistic application of it is not there. We did, however, go to to find an electricity supplier that would give us the lowest monthly rate for electricity in Texas that was possible.

I did not want solar for the ethics of it. I wanted it to be free from the grid. It is part of my self-reliant and self-sufficient personality. It is not about prepping for any survival scenario. Being mobile is useful under those situations anyway. No, my wife and I just like to provide for our own needs as much as possible. We both thought that having a home that was not connected by pipes or wires to the public grid would be nice. So, we have a goal of getting there, but the reality of it is that we do what we can to minimize our reliance on public services.